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LaBolsaLibre first steps

We’re glad to be helping grow a new community network.
People from La Bolsa, in the Valley of Anisacate, Córdoba, have been gathering to kickstart their network.

In their conversations, they are defining the digital network without losing focus on the human network, the interactions between them, envisioning the best ways to build, manage and mantain the network.

The meetings represent a good omen, giving the feeling that the project will be fruitful and will help families reach a connectivity solution that simplifies their everyday life. Most of the attendants are families who come with their children, and during the meetings one or two persons will be happy to look after them all together, while the group defines the community roadmap. Every word is warm and shows respect for one another, while at the same time many “mates” (a tea-like drink) and sweet cookies are being shared. Such a beautiful group, that they make us proud of working with them.

They already quoted materials and made budgets, appointed a date for the first workshop, and decided to start with a tight-knit group of less than ten houses, planning to grow organically from there, eager to solve the challenges they will face as they scale up.

With sincere congratulations to them, we hope they continue this community project with the happiness and commitment, and the meetings full of smiles we’ve enjoyed so far.

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