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Workshop of contact between small towns (longshots)

After the experience gathered when setting up the 50km link with the University of Córdoba (UNC), the solar node in Pampa de Achala and the expansion of the backbone, we want to share and multiply these experiences and knowledge in a workshop, faithful to the formal objectives of our Association, and in alignment with the trajectory that we have built of trainings and technological empowerment.

We are then moving forward a practical and participatory workshop with the people of the towns of Paravachasca Valley and Traslasierra. The idea is to integrate all the stages of the process: from organizing the purchase of the materials, to coordinate a date to visit the owner of the place where the equipments are going to be set, to plan the design of the structure stand, to measure the solar equipment that it’s needed… Each task is an opportunity to involve at least one person of each little town, encouraging the collaboration between peers of different communities.

With the support of the SEED Grant of the OTI we were able to finance the purchase of the solar panels and the batteries, speeding up a lot the logistics, which in turn allowed us to focus in solving the rest of the logistics without depending of a regional fund collection, which without a doubt would have made all the process to take longer.

We made the first visit in November, 2015, to analyse the “lines of sight” from some candidate points, the accesibility factor of the points and primarily to establish a social link with the owner of the site.

During the first week of February the people from La Serranita, coordinated by Leandro, opened the ascent track, with machetes through the vegetation.

Today (12 of February), thanks to Dani from la Quintana who coordinated with a tower-man, they climbed the first materials for the tower and they finished defining details of the location.

During the coming weeks we’ll be pulling up the rest of the materials, mounting the tower and finishing the assembly of the equipments in a practical workshop of antenna aligning for links between 10 to 50 km, and optimization of link parameters (channels plan, etc). In total, they sum up to 6 directional antennas, of different sizes (the biggest one has 1.2 meters of diameter), so each participant will be able to experience first hand the subtlety in each case to be able to get a link, and the final joy of actually being capable of doing it. Also, of course, to see in detail all the network wiring, the solar power source, and the rest of the componentes necessary for a task as this one.

Beyond the people already mention, we have people already confirmed from the team of Nono, of La Bolsa, of San Isidro and of Anisacate. We extend this invitation specially to all the people of these and other networks interested in joining us and learning by helping to actually deploy the network. To the rest of the people interested in our work, we suggest that they get in touch with us”.

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  • Feb. 28, 2016, 8:11 p.m. - By: BRAULIO - (permalink)

    excelente, me encanta lo que hacen, y los sigo en su página,
    un fuerte abrazo a todos.

  • May 2, 2016, 12:42 p.m. - By: Martin - (permalink)


    Me interesa contactarme con AlterMundi, pero el form de contacto me tira error 500.


    • May 5, 2016, 11:21 a.m. - By: Daniel - (permalink)

      Hola Martin! Tenia el mismo problema que tu y buscando, consegui este mail para contactarse:, espero que tengas suerte. Un abrazo.-

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