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50Km link completed

After many months of negotiations we’ve finally completed the link between the Paravachasca Valley community networks and the National University of Córdoba.

With this link the community networks from the Valley are now connected with community-owned infrastructure to the institution hosting the regional Internet Exchange.

To accomplish this link we used two 34dbi dishes coupled with Rocket routers from Ubiquiti.
On one end the equipment is set on a mountain 950m above sea level. The use of a tower was not required due to the natural height of the location. We just installed the antenna on a pole attached to a shelter.


On the other end we used the communications tower of the University. The antenna was attached at 20m which added to the 12m of the building. The university is located at 400m above sea level.

The final link quality obtained at 50Km was -54dbm with a sustained throughput of 100Mbit/s


This link was completed with the collaborative effort of Juan Giordano, José Pettina, Leandro Barbero, Guido Iribarren, Jésica Giudice y Nicolás Echániz and the good will of Daniel Britos and Miguel Montes from the UNC who made the collaboration agreement possible.

We hope to strengthen our relation with the University during 2014 while connecting more and more small towns in the area.

Last modification date: March 23, 2014, 12:54 a.m.
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    esto me gusta, felicidades por los logros, que tal con mikrotik ?

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